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The Change Community Hub is a platform for professionals to connect, share information and learn all about Change Management. Whether you're new on your change journey; have some experience in change; or are a seasoned professional who wants to share your resources or courses, this platform has been created with you in mind.

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Choose a section below to get information that is most relevant for you. These sections have been curated by practising Changies, based on lived experience and peer reviews so the information you get is relevant and up-to-date.

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New to Change Management

So you're just starting out or maybe you have a couple of years' experience?

Perhaps your only just transitioning into the practice and are not even sure if you can call yourself a Change Manager yet?

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So you have some experience under your belt and you want to expand your knowledge and connect with others interested in the same area.

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So with more than a few years experience under your belt, and the scars to prove it, you call yourself a seasoned change manager.

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Articles by the Community

You've got a voice so raise it here! Check out what we're thinking across the Change Community.

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Community Bookshelf

Love a good book? You'll be thrilled to know that you're in fabulous company! Check out what we're reading across the Change Community.

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Inside the Changie's Toolkit

Looking for something to add to your bag of tricks, or a bit of inspiration to spruce up your next round of change activities. Check out what we're using across the Change Community.

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Courses & Programs

Are you looking to sharpen your skills or even for a place to start? Check out what public programs are available, what our change community are running and recommending.

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Community Events

Check out what's happening across the Change Community.

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Competitions & Giveaways!

Who doesn't love free stuff! Here's some of the latest competitions and giveaways happening at the Hub!

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We'd love to hear your ideas, about your favourite books, tools and courses!

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If you’ve ever thought about sharing your time (whether you’ve got a lot of time to offer or just a little) and your skills (no matter where your strengths may lie) then WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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The Hub is a central spot for all change management professionals and those interested in the industry to Engage, Evolve and Energise!

By becoming a member of the Hub you can contribute to a place like no other, designed just for those who work in and around Change Management.

Your membership offers you the opportunity to engage with our treasure trove of resources, as well as great discounts on Hub events. We’ve got so many fantastic opportunities for you to connect with other members and evolve your practice.

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The Change Community Hub is something different in the world of institutions, industry bodies and member organisations. Brought together in the spirit of true collaboration and without a corporate agenda, this group continues through the time and energy of volunteers, the support and generosity of our kick-starters and the innovation and drive of our community.

So how does the Hub continue to thrive and deliver resources, events, connection, and collaboration opportunities?

With your contribution, the financial future of the Hub can be secured and more opportunities for this space to grow can be enabled.