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Welcome to the Hub

Welcome to the Hub

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Welcome! We’re really excited to be launching this for our #changecommunity.

COVID has certainly rocked our community’s reality, personally and professionally. From a lot of conversation we’ve been having with our friends and colleagues there’s been a lot pressure on change management professionals to work through the uncertainty of what this new normal looks like.

Knowing and finding a place to start in the midst of chaos is often the challenge. Responding to the impacts of COVID has pushed even the master practitioners in our ranks. There’s been an amazing response from our community, and so many of our colleagues don’t know what amazing conversations, resources and support are available. This got us thinking…

What if…

What if we could bring everything together into a community space. Bring together all the conversations we’re having across our Australian and Global change community to create one united change conversation.

Sounds simple, and as well all know with change, there are inherit complexities. So as we know all too well as changies, let’s not eat the whole elephants and let’s iterate.

This is far from perfect

This is our first iteration. So please (expect) forgive and let us know if you find any typos, broken links or bugs. Despite our best efforts (and late nights) we went for outcome over perfection and typos here weren’t going to be death sentence. (And yes for those who know me, that did kill me a little bit… I started a severity weighted technical backlog to manage my twitching of things not being fixed).

We got together a bit of brain trust and with some help from friends we have been able to stand up the first iteration of the Change Community Hub. A massive shout out to Gilbert Kruidenier, Peter Phan and Andrew Butow!

What we need from you

Without trying to sound too clique, this is by the community for the community. We need your help to make this truly awesome for our change community.

There are tonne of ways you can get involved with helping us grow the Hub:

Rate the resources on the Hub and add a comment / review

We’d love to hear of what you thought about the tool, how you’ve used it, what your key takeaways have been. The idea here is to build up the collective voice of the community to share their insights and experiences.

Submit an article sharing your thoughts about change management

We want this to safe space for our community to experiment with their voice. Whether you’ve a seasoned blogger or cutting your teeth, we’re here to support you! This is really only limited by your creativity.

Remember, that some of us are working with clients that let us push the outer limits change managements, others are working for more traditional clients or clients that are new on their change journeys. Some practitioners have been for practising for 20+ years, others are embarking on their first few years in practice. Everything we’re going through is valid and we promise, that there’s someone in the community that will benefit hearing from your experiences.

If you want to some inspiration, check out what’s happening with the #changeblogchallenge for inspiration. And to keep everything fair have a quick look at the Community Guidelines.

Submit a book or tool review

We don’t know about you but our offices and home offices are full of things we’ve collected over the years, some that we couldn’t live without, some that are the perfect solution for a niche challenge and well, let’s not talk about the failed experiments that are our stationery drawers full of “workshop bits” that felt essential standing the middle of Officeworks’ aisles of temptation.

Run or submit an event or public course

We’re actively reaching out to the people and organisations that we know run public programs, events, podcasts and other cool stuff. While we like to think we’re switched on with what’s happening across the community, we don’t know everything and would love your help with connect our community with other things going on!

If there’s an awesome ‘event’ happening and you don’t see it on the Hub, let us know so we can include it.

And remember, this is a safe place. Why not have a crack at running something with our community? We have the technology and are happy to help you structure and promote your event.

Our promise to the community

Our vision is that the Change Community Hub is an independent group, established to provide a platform for anyone who has an interest in change. Our currency is your appreciation and involvement.

To be perfectly transparent, this has been established as its own business entity under Valiente Pty Ltd. The only reason we’ve set it up this way is to ensure that we have the relevant insurances to give flexibility with events and anything big we dream up, access to the relevant professional advice if its needed and it was the lowest cost way to make this happen quickly.

Having its own ABN means:

  • it will be relatively simple to move this to a not-for-profit structure (there’s still a fair bit of coin associated with doing this and we want to make sure that this something that will self-sustain before the investment is made).
  • any of the copyright is owned by the business entity, not Valiente per se (although our Guidelines mean the author owns the content and The Hub has rights to publish and distribute to the community).
  • we can have separate business bank account; we will be publishing the profit and loss statements so you can see where the money is coming from and how its being spent.

The maintenance of this platform and the promotion of the community does require the investment of funds and our Community Kick Starters have invested to enable community members to enjoy the platform without any financial commitments until the end of 2020.

If, in the future, we look to introduce a community levy to support the Hub, this is something we want our community to come to an agreement on and we would always wish to maintain at the cost of a Happy Meal!

If you have any questions or concerns about please reach out to the team or drop Faith and Leigh a direct line.

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Your membership offers you the opportunity to engage with our treasure trove of resources, as well as great discounts on Hub events. We’ve got so many fantastic opportunities for you to connect with other members and evolve your practice.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, then perhaps you’d like the chance to get hands-on and submit your own articles, create and host your own events, or contribute other ideas and energy, all with the support of our awesome Volunteers.