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Hanging Out For Change

The world is changing ... there's so much to talk about!

Do you feel like hanging out?

We need to talk Change ... and we mean Change with a big 'C'

Hanging Out For Change kicked off in May 2020 because we missed hanging out with our fellow changies and well talking about all things change and Change!

These fortnightly sessions are facilitated using the Lean Coffee (or Cocktail as we prefer to call it at that particular time of day).

Hanging Out For Change Sponsored by Valiente

Never been to a Lean Cocktail session?

Lean Cocktail (or Coffee as it was originally coined) is a participant-driven conversation. It's a structured, but agenda-less meeting. We jump onto Zoom, build an agenda (list of topics or questions), and begin talking--we use 7-minute time boxes.

Every Hanging Out For Change is different and we talk about topics for as long (or short) as the group wants! Every fortnight is awesome and the Lean Coffee technique helps provoke open and honest dialogue which helps our community stay connected in the insanity of our day-to-day...and this whole pandemic going on!

We keep the Zoom session open from 7:30 - 8:00 for some more casual chit-chat and catching up.

In a nutshell

You bring your big brains along

We'll bring the tech, you bring the drink

...and we're looking forward to Hanging out soon!

Upcoming sessions