Community Projects

Organically grown and run projects put together by community members.

Community Projects are organically grown and run projects put together by community members. This section of the website contains useful information about the projects, including opportunities to participate and outputs to share.

Because the Change Community Hub is like a community garden, think of these projects like different garden plots where community members are making and doing something generative together within the garden.


Community Projects are a great way to:

  • get to really know fellow community members (including those across the globe!)
  • stretch your existing skills and acquire some new ones
  • practice the art of co-creation and collaboration
  • create a great personal story to tell when looking for work or illustrating how to do something
  • produce something that can benefit others - pay it forward!

Community Projects could look like:

  • an experiment or research to generate new knowledge/insight
  • solving a problem with a group of practitioners
  • pro-bono assistance to a NFP organisation
  • co-creation of a concept or content

The scope or intent of the project is decided by the community members who are involved.



Co-creation of Grieving Rituals: Lead - Helen Palmer

An experiment to bring together small group of diverse people to co-create new rituals as embodied experiences to grieve the 2020 that was/was not. Done in conjunction with the CoLab (Marco Polo Project Community Lab). See project.

Change Tips Collection: Lead - Ket Patel

A call for Change Tips from the global change community of practitioners curated into a collection for sharing and application. See project.



Reserved for your project. 


Co-creation of OCM ‘Panoni’ Framework: Lead - Helen Palmer

A co-creation of an ontological framework for OCM profession through an emergent process of what matters and where the need is greatest. See project.

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In any community activity, its expected that Community Guidelines are followed.

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