Volunteer with the Change Community Hub

Volunteering with the Hub

Your skills and talents can be utilised to develop our community.

Will you share them?

Seasoned Change Management Professionals


  • Our volunteer program is one way to connect and collaborate with fellow change enthusiasts.
  • If you’ve ever thought about sharing your time and your skills, then there's opportunities to explore.
  • There're many ways to contribute: once, frequently or over a long term. If you’re happy to make an effort, we’re very happy to have you.


  • Our volunteer program is all about continuous learning and development, as individuals and as a community.
  • Our invitation is for you to be curious and experiment, always thinking about how you are contributing to the community development, as well as your own.
  • It's important that you get value back for all you put in.
New to Change Management
No So New to Change Management


  • Our volunteer program is a source of positive energy.
  • We appreciate unique perspectives, recognise and celebrate contributions (big and small).

Current Volunteers

What you can expect as a volunteer


Operating principles

We don’t have any 'rules' per se, but we do have a few operating principles. These are meant as guidelines and can be discussed or changed at any point with a discussion with the team.

We’ve found they hold up quite well over time.

Volunteers commitment to each other

  1. If you’re not having fun, something is wrong, so speak up.
  2. Do good things that make you proud.
  3. Need help? Just ask for it. If you can offer help, offer it.
  4. Want to spend money, talk to the money person.
  5. Have a great idea? We want to hear it.
  6. Give only as much time as you can afford, no more.
  7. Be yourself and let others do the same
  8. Be clear on why you want to contribute; and let the rest of the team know.

Volunteers commitment to fellow members

  1. I am familiar with Change Community Hub Guidelines, Policies and Procedures and I will abide by them for the good of everyone.
  2. I respect the confidentiality and privacy of all Change Community Hub members, including member contact information.
  3. Conflicts of interest (real or apparent) are shared with the Round Table Team and avoided wherever possible. As a team we do good things and always comply with legislation.
  4. The information, materials or authority I have in my role as a Volunteer are to be used for good not evil.

About Our Volunteer Team

Those working behind the scenes operate as a self-organising team. When you are part of this broader team, you use your own best judgement a lot of the time and only ask for agreement or team approval in exceptional cases. All this freedom and flexibility works very well for most people, but some freak out at first when they find that we don’t have a hefty manual, a book of legal documents (sign in blood here) and a code of conduct that feels like a 24/7 straight jacket. Meet the Round Table team coordinating Hub development.

The role of the Volunteer Coordinator

Meet the wonderful Maria Recaman! 

Maria is our Volunteer Coordinator and is here to make sure everyone who puts in their valuable time, gets at least as much out as they put in, whatever that might be!

Our Volunteer Coordinator is here to:

  • Engage: make sure you are connected to and feel part of our community as a volunteer.
  • Evolve: make sure you are learning and developing as an individual and volunteer, as well as contributing to the Change Community’s continuous evolution/development.
  • Energise: make sure you’re having fun in the process, celebrating, recognising and appreciating your contribution to the CCH.
Maria Recaman

Get in touch

If you have questions regarding the volunteer experience and opportunities, get in touch with Maria Recaman.

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