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The Hub Round Table

The Change Community Hub is a melting pot of ideas, creativity and innovation managed and supported through a self-organising team that has no hierarchy. Find out more about the governance and official bits that keep the Hub humming.

We're a group of like-minds with a passion for change and the people who work in change roles. The Hub is a social and digital platform to support, engage, encourage and energise change managers and those interested in organisational and social change. As your Round Table, we look after many aspects of the various things offered to our Community.

As a Round Table, we meet regularly to plan what happens next, oversee what's currently going on, and review what we're learning from you and community activity.

As the name suggests, we don't have a formal hierarchy, but see each other as equal contributors to the vision of the Hub. We have a code of mutual respect and support that binds us together, working towards common goals.

Anja Hennig

Anja Hennig

Maria Recaman

Maria Recaman


David Derwin

Khytsse Garcia

Khytsse Garcia

Leigh Ross

Lesleigh Ross

Peter Phan

Peter Phan

It takes a village

Meet the volunteers who make the the Hub magic possible.


Michael Amsoms


Jenny Neira

If you’ve ever thought about sharing your time and your skills, we want to hear from you! Let’s do wonderful things for the Change Community and make a big difference to how things get done in our space.

Find out more about the volunteering with the Change Community Hub or get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Shout out to people who helped us get started

Here are the faces of the awesome people who answered the call we reached out to our community and said we've got this crazy idea, wanna come play. They were the first to contribute articles and content that helped us bring the Hub to life.

Thank you for supporting us and for the amazing energy you continue to breath into our community. It wouldn't be the same without you!

Shout out to our
Kick Starters

The Change Community Hub is something different in the world of institutions, industry bodies and member organisations. Brought together in the spirit of true collaboration and without a corporate agenda, this group continues through the time and energy of volunteers, the support and generosity of our kick-starters and the innovation and drive of our community.

So how does the Hub continue to thrive and deliver resources, events, connection, and collaboration opportunities?

With your contribution, the financial future of the Hub can be secured and more opportunities for this space to grow can be enabled.


Being part of community life

You've got a voice, and hands so you're invited to use them here. Check out what's happening within our community!

While you're thinking about that, check out our Community Guidelines and Promotional Guidelines or get in touch with the coordinating team.

...and if you're looking for something more involved

There's things happening behind the scenes to bring the community to life and coordinate various operations. Many hands, makes light work! Your time, skills and experience can be a valuable contribution.

Find out more about being a volunteer for the community or chat with the Volunteer Coordinator.