Promotional Guidelines

Branding, Social Media & Partnering with the Hub

The Change Community Hub is a place created by the people for the people.

And it represents all of us.

So it’s vital that we all play a role in ensuring, like any brand, the Hub has a clear and consistent presentation in social media and other forums.

We’ve created some simple guidelines to provide an outline of the look and feel of the Change Community Hub brand and the ways our members can represent their connection with the Hub.

No So New to Change Management

Promoting a Course on the Hub

The Hub offers so many unique opportunities for Change Practitioners to become play different roles in the community.

Some practitioners are also business owners, or have developed their own products as part of their practice, and the Hub is keen to support the growth of our community while making these products available to members through the H

Representing your Membership on LinkedIn

As a member of the Change Community Hub we encourage you to add your membership to your LinkedIn profile and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Add the Change Community Hub Membership as a role in your ‘Experience’ section and include the Hub outline in the description:

The Hub is all about the community. A central spot for all change management professionals and those interested in the industry to Engage, Evolve and Energise!

Join us today to find a place like no other - a hub where you’ll find what you need and a community where you belong. The Change Community Hub … Engage, Evolve, Energise.

  • Alternatively you might wish to list the Change Community Hub on your volunteer experience!

Click on the badge to download.

A super simple branding guide

This is our logo

The teal C stands for Change.

The yellow C for Community.

The red icon is a H for Hub, represented by two people holding hands - isn’t it lovely?

Change Community Hub Logo Spacing

See these guys here?
This is how much white space you should have around our logo.

You will be also be able to use the Change Community Hub Logo when you are speaking at events, presenting your work (you might be presenting a paper you’ve worked on with Hub colleagues!) or you might like to share and promote the Hub.

Please check out our style guide so you know the best way to add the logo to your publications if you wish, and we will also be providing some guidance on appropriate images to accompany your articles as you submit them to the site.

Download the branding guide.

Community Love

A huge shout out to Peter Phan from Flimp Studios! We've lost count of the hours Pete has put in to creating the awesome look and feel for the Hub...and did you see the kick ass branding guide? The volunteer version is a fully interactive PDF that Flimp Studios are renowned for. Thanks for helping us look our best Pete!

Peter Phan

Partnering with the Hub

Seasoned Change Management Professionals

Online payment fees

We're slowly starting to introduce paid offerings through the Hub. This means that we are able to accept payments for events for people who would like for the Hub to manage the event registration process rather than using a third party.

Accepting online payments is easy but it does have a cost from the gateway provide. We use Stripe and will introduce PayPal as increase the volume of paid offerings. While we know that PayPal is a better known gateway for online payments, it charges higher transaction rates and a $25 monthly fee.

Once we transition to a not-for-profit legal entity, there are small discounts in fees available, however, there is still a charge that would look to cover for people wanting to manage their event registration through the Hub.

What we get charged

  • 1.75% + A$0.30 for Australian cards
  • 2.9% + A$0.30 for International cards

Here's more info about Stripe.

Stripe vs PayPal