Governance, finance

and all that official stuff

We are a community, driven by team ownership and without boards, executive or hierarchy. Many voices will create an amazing space for collaboration and sharing, supported by our simple and clear governance to guide and support.

The Change Community Hub governance provides standards for our behaviour, transparency in our operations and clarity in all our dealings.

Promotional Guidelines

Guidelines and policies

We will be looking to review and develop these guidelines in collaboration with members as we grow, so that they are always aligned with the values of the Community.

The Leadership Team members are community-wide moderators and hosts. That means that they oversee articles, book reviews, comments and any other content including LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.

This is a privileged role; the community has trusted their to help protect something rare that we all share - a welcoming place for change management. In respecting this unique opportunity to serve our practice above our own interests, we are aligned in adhering to these principles.

Adding Value
NOT the hard sell
(Promotional Guidelines)

When contributing content to the community, every member should look to add value through more than just promotion of their product.

Contribution of ideas, thought leadership, provocations or opinion should accompany any offer of services to the member base. If making an offer of services, events or discounts to Members as part of your Hub contributions a number of fundamentals should be kept in mind:

1.  you must not engage in conduct that is likely to mislead or deceive

2.  you must not make false or misleading claims or statements

Public courses only

If you are planning to promote courses via the Change Community Hub these courses must be publicly offered. While the Hub is a great way to raise your profile and share ideas, it is not about promoting single consultancy services.

All the official words about how we protect your information including information about the use of International Creative Commons License.

If you are thinking you’d like to become a volunteer here’s an idea of what you’re getting involved in. It’s really just some high-level guidance on how we see these roles. Volunteers are encouraged to add their own flair and glitter to make their experience fun and worthwhile.

We’re very much a self-organising team, which means that you use your own best judgement a lot of the time and only ask for permission in exceptional cases. All this freedom and flexibility works very well for most people, but some freak out at first when they find that we don’t have a hefty manual, a book of legal documents (sign in blood here) and a code of conduct that feels like a 24/7 straight jacket.

That being said, we don’t have any “rules” per se-rules, but we do have a few operating principles. These are meant as guidelines and can be discussed or changed at all times. We’ve found they hold up quite well over time.

The Financials

The Legal Structure

It's own ABN and connection to Valiente

The Change Community Hub has been established as its own business entity under Valiente Pty Ltd. The key reason for this business structure at this time is to allow the Hub to be covered by the relevant insurances for events and other big dreams we might have. It also ensures that access is available to professional advice if it needed and it was a low cost solution to establish the community and meet its digital and legal needs.

Having a separate ABN for the Change Community Hub means:

  • it will be relatively simple to move this to a not-for-profit structure (there is still quite a cost associated with doing this and we want to make sure that this something that will self-sustain before the investment is made).
  • any of the copyright is owned by the Change Community Hub business entity, not Valiente (although our Guidelines mean the author owns the content and The Hub has rights to publish and distribute to the community).
  • we can have separate business bank account; we will be publishing the profit and loss statements so you can see where the money is coming from and how its being spent.

The maintenance of this platform and the promotion of the community does require the investment of funds and our Community Kick Starters have invested to enable community members to enjoy the platform without any financial commitments until the end of 2020.

We made the decision to not charge membership in 2020 given the world is a mess and the primary objective is to bring together and support our community through the insanity.

Moving into 2021, we have absolutely no intention of removing free membership access to the Hub. We will be looking at a premium membership offering and explore alternative revenue streams to just membership fees.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the team or drop Leigh a direct line.

Legal Name

The Trustee for the Change Community Hub Unit Trust trading as Change Community Hub


58 896 440 516

Registered Office

c/o Wee Partners Accountants
Level 3, Suite 7, 54 Jephson Street
Toowong QLD 4066 Australia

Postal Address

GPO Box 2713
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