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Don't sit on the sidelines. Get in the game!

Every one has something to contribute and we want to hear your voice - become a member and share your skills, experience and unique approach to change with your community.

As a member of the Change Community Hub (CCH) you are able to directly contribute to an independent, change management focused platform for professionals across Australia.

You can add an article, write a book review, create and host your own event, or contribute other ideas, all with the support of the Community Hosts.

Contribute to The Hub

Before you start

  • Read the Community Guidelines and make sure your submission aligns with the principles. We reserve the right to not to publish if your submission doesn't align with the Community Guidelines.
  • Update your community profile with a bio and profile picture. This will be used as the author details at the end of your content submission.
  • Please use logical file names for your pictures. Include these file names in the relevant location in your post so we know where to insert them.

Ways that you can contribute to the Hub

Why not submit

...or you could recommend

If you wanted to get even more hands on

The Change Community Hub is growing – fast! We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have brought the Hub to life, but we need help to continue to grow and share the new programs we have planned.

If you’ve ever thought about sharing your time and your skills, we want to hear from you! Let’s do wonderful things for the Change Community and make a big difference to how things get done in our space.

We're currently looking for people to help with:

Volunteer - Content Curator
Volunteer - Community Builder
Volunteer - Social Media

Find out more about the volunteering with the Change Community Hub or get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Community Guidelines

There's not that much to it really...

Our Change Community is a safe place to have fun, share ideas and learn from each other.

Promotional Guidelines

Keeping it real ...

We want to help you share and grow your change business but let's all be transparent and consistent about what how we offer our services. 

Shout out to our
Kick Starters

The Change Community Hub is something different in the world of institutions, industry bodies and member organisations. Brought together in the spirit of true collaboration and without a corporate agenda, this group continues through the time and energy of volunteers, the support and generosity of our kick-starters and the innovation and drive of our community.

So how does the Hub continue to thrive and deliver resources, events, connection, and collaboration opportunities?

With your contribution, the financial future of the Hub can be secured and more opportunities for this space to grow can be enabled.