Community Guidelines

By participating in our community, you are agreeing to abide by the following community guidelines.

Although we will do our utmost to avoid this, the Hub reserves the right to delete, move or otherwise alter comments posted by users if they are deemed to violate these guidelines.

All of our Guidelines apply in comments, messages and articles posted on any part of the Hub.  These guidelines compliment the Hub's Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use of the Hub.

Community Guidelines

Remain respectful 

The CCH isn’t a place for antagonistic, explicit, false or misleading, harmful, hateful, or violent content or behaviour. Please be respectful of others and their opinions and refrain from behaviour which is offensive or discriminatory. We welcome considerate debate and understand that there will be differences of opinion from time to time, but personal attacks (on authors, moderators, other users or any individual), trolling or abuse will not be tolerated. 

Stay on topic  

We will gladly address any genuine concerns related to a post, but off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate comments will be deleted. Regular (i.e. daily/weekly) negative posts from an individual (we will always endeavour to respond to negative posts, but if someone continues to make negative comments ignoring these responses, we will need to consider removing them from our community). 

Don’t get personal 

We don’t allow content thatunflatteringly reveals personal or sensitive information or identifies a corporate brand or organisation. While we all have stories to share about the roles we have held, it is important we don’t damage the reputation of any organisation as we share our experiences. CCH reserves the right to delete, move or otherwise alter comments or articles posted to de-identify any corporation or person who has been specifically named in an unflattering way. Please also do not include on any proprietary information in posts, comments, or any other CCH materials. 

Be yourself  

Please post under your own name. Comments from anonymous, misleading or suspicious profile names may be deleted, regardless of topic. This includes impersonating anyone else or suggesting that you have an affiliation with a person or association if you do not. 

Do not plagiarise 

While we can all be inspired, enthused, stimulated, and stirred by the work of others, it is essential to recognise where our impetus comes from through citation and referencing. Due respect should be paid to the ideas and experience of others, so that this community can learn and grow together.  

Keep it real 

CCH isn’t a place for misinformation, disinformation or mal-information.  Articles, comments and other information you share should be accurate to the best of your knowledge. 

Adding Value NOT the hard sell

Aa a member, 'selling' to this community should not be the purpose of your engagement. You should look to add value through more than just promotion of your product.

Contribution of ideas, thought leadership, provocations or opinion should accompany any offer of services or engagement with the member base.

When you are a member in the Hub, a number of fundamentals should be kept in mind:

1.  you must not engage in conduct that is likely to mislead or deceive

2.  you must not make false or misleading claims or statements

3. you must offer value, not use the Hub as a sales platform


While every effort is made to ensure that the content posted by us on our online and social channels is current and accurate, we accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness or currency of that information and disclaim all liability to any person in relation to, or, in the use of, the information or data. Comments and posts made by members of our online community are the views of those individuals only and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Change Community Hub. Links to external sites are beyond our control. It is the user's responsibility to judge the accuracy and reliability of the information therein. 


We will not share your email with third parties unless we are legally required to do so. 

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time. The current version of these Guidelines is always available our website.

If you are uncertain about anything in them, please email us at

Volunteer Code of Conduct

If you are thinking you’d like to become a volunteer here’s an idea of what you’re getting involved in. It’s really just some high-level guidance on how we see these roles. Volunteers are encouraged to add their own flair and glitter to make their experience fun and worthwhile.

We’re very much a self-organising team, which means that you use your own best judgement a lot of the time and only ask for permission in exceptional cases. All this freedom and flexibility works very well for most people, but some freak out at first when they find that we don’t have a hefty manual, a book of legal documents (sign in blood here) and a code of conduct that feels like a 24/7 straight jacket.

That being said, we don’t have any “rules” per se-rules, but we do have a few operating principles. These are meant as guidelines and can be discussed or changed at all times. We’ve found they hold up quite well over time.

Seasoned Change Management Professionals

Volunteers commitment to each other

  1. If you’re not having fun, something is wrong, so speak up.
  2. Do good things that make you proud.
  3. Need help? Just ask for it. If you can offer help, offer it.
  4. Want to spend money, talk to the money person.
  5. Have a great idea? We want to hear it.
  6. Give only as much time as you can afford, no more.
  7. Be yourself and let others do the same
  8. Be clear on why you want to contribute; and let the rest of the team know.

Volunteers commitment to our members

  1. We have some Change Community Hub Guidelines, Policies and Procedures and I will abide by them for the good of everyone.
  2. I respect the confidentiality and privacy of all Change Community Hub members, including member contact information.
  3. Conflicts of interest (real or apparent) are shared with the Leadership Team and we avoid them wherever possible. As a team we do good things and always comply with legislation.
  4. The information, materials or authority I have in my role as a Volunteer are to be used for good not evil.

Promotional Guidelines

Promotional Guidelines

Keeping it real ...

We want to help you share and grow your change business but let's all be transparent and consistent about what how we offer our services. 

Promotional Guidelines

Governance and all that jazz

Because we need to have it. 

Here's where you will find all the legals, policies, finance and governance bits and pieces.